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Bar Info

Our bar area offers full dinner service during regular restaurant hours and provides a unique cozy environment.  Our craft cocktails utilizes fresh ingredients like our Sonja Smash which mixes a ginger liqueur, tequila, house made jalapeño infused simple syrup, mint, and lime juiced to order. We also feature local/regional beers, and small selection of fine wines.

Bar Hours

Monday – Saturday:  5 pm – close

Sun 5pm-12am.

Happy Hour

4 – 6pm Monday – Thursday.  Dollar off Tap beers, house wine, and rail drinks.

Sunday night is SIN (service industry night)
$5 Happy Meals = Hamms Tall boy and a shot of whiskey. Whiskey choice of Jameson, Wild Turkey 101 and Jim Bean. $3.50 rail drinks $4 house wine.

Summer Garden News

With the arrival of summer it’s time to make many seasonal menu changes. This year we have a new source of inspiration – the produce grown across the street at Chester Creek Gardens. Developed by Café co-owner, Carla Blumberg, the garden is part of a project that includes new spaces for living, professional offices, and retail, in addition to the specialty vegetables and greens available at perfect ripeness! A new Café salad mix has been planted that features hon tsai tai, mizuna, tot soy, red mustard, kale, and wild arugula. The mix has more aggressive flavors than mixed sweet baby greens and will support more flavorful dressings. The new Café salad mix should be available in June. We’re making final critiques on new menu items and and excited to launch the new menu in early June.

The roof top bee hives are back in place, and the garden beds, outdoor deck, and sidewalk seating are ready for summer use.

– Kirk Bratrud

Summer Kitchen Update

Abby DeVita has started a garden blog – she and Rita have been planting up a storm since Darce finished the bed boxes.

We have started buying Tilapia from Victus Farm.  They are beautiful!

We’ve added grilled chicken prepared African style to the menu

Warm Weather

Warm weather – is it not glorious?!?  Rita and Abby have small garden babies popping up everywhere.  Our raised bed boxes are made from Tamarack milled at Lester River Sawmill and filled with compost from WLSSD.  Baby chard, broccoli, beets, radishes, rhubarb and lettuce have made their appearance.
In the kitchen, we are working on the summer menu.  Heather has been looking to Africa for inspiration and we will have something from there for sure.

The cold winter has created a shortage of Lake Superior fish.  Barb and Carla went to a seminar in Madison last week about Aquaponics – growing fish and plants with the same water system.  It was pretty inspirational.  Turns out Michael Mageau from UMD has a system already working in Silver Bay.  Lake Ave Café has been using tilapia from there and Whole Foods Co-op is selling their lettuce.  This is exciting and something we want to look into more.  Tilapia has gotten a bad rap due to some “off” flavors it sometimes carries but the people in Madison told us about a method of resting the fish for three days in salt water before harvesting – gets rid of the chemicals which cause those flavors.  In the meantime we are looking into sourcing from Sea to Table.  Kirk is working up a fish dish for the summer menu.

Jillian is still in Mexico soaking up the cuisine of Oaxaca.  We can’t wait until she returns.  We have some new people in the kitchen – Lee, Kurt and Dennis – who are expanding our repertoire.  Jackie, Hector and Griggs are knocking out the prep.  In general, things are settling down in the kitchen and we are on track for summer madness – Grandma’s right around the corner.  Ack!

– Carla Blumberg